Dear Friend.

I don’t know how you got to this website:  Maybe it’s because I sent you a link, maybe a mutual friend sent you here, or maybe you picked it up somewhere in cyber-space.

Either way, you’re here…  “If you do not read these letters, you’re quite literally standing at the edge of a cliff and tossing money away.”

Those are not my words.  They are the words of a young man I helped mentor some years ago.  I met him when he was a civil engineering student at the age of 19.  By 21 he had contracts to build schools; he was designing multi-million rand houses; he was also developing his own brick fabrication plant to supply himself and his competitors (in construction) with bricks.

But I cannot take all credit for his achievements.  After all, he put in most of the work.  All I did was share some of my experiences over the past 15 years of doing business.

Having moved from Mpumalanga, where I used to chat with him almost on a daily basis, I’ve decided to write a series of letters.  In these letters I retell the principles, stories, strategies and tactics which I think helped him shave off at least 10 years of trial and error – in pursuit of business success.

Having said that, I must say:  these letters are not for everyone.  They are written unapologetically for entrepreneurs only.

We’ll talk about:

  • How to put an end to your cash-flow problems – where do you draw the line between relationship building and cutting your losses?
  • The scientific way of finding new customers – I reveal brain-science secrets that big companies have been using for years to get you-and-me to camp outside their stores for their new products.
  • How to find products that sell.  I’ll tell you about the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make in choosing products – myself included.
  • Why people buy anything – In this letter, I’ll give you the insights I learned from one of the world’s best sales trainer.
  • How to write a winning proposal – I’ll show you a proposal I wrote that got a radio-station manager to drive 300km to my office to offer me a slot on his show.
  • How I raised R3 million in 20 minutes… You’ll learn about my magical meeting that changed everything – this was was a fluke, but I learned a valuable lesson about how people valuate money.

There’s a lot more we’ll discuss.

But for now do yourself a favor and read my first letter.  If you think it’s all just hot air, then you would have lost nothing.

However, if you find value in it, perhaps you can read the second, third and fourth letters as well.

Sounds fair enough?


Vusi Sindane


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